Ok – I’m here, now what? Get out and make a living.

Suffered a blow to my feelings, my personality, my being. Seems that Pop and Uncle, whom I’ve worked for my whole life, have decided NOT to let me manage their real estate. They want to hire a management company for ALL the properties – Now they only have 3 of the 20 buildings under professional management. 

Pop has closed me out of the business. Said to me “You can manage it when I’m dead.” 

So that’s it. Pop and Uncle want no part of me in the business unless forced by death.

I knew it was coming, really. They never had faith in me, Well I was not the most perfect guy for the job, but I could have made it work. I could have modernized the 1950’s style of business they do here. They drive to the bank. They want paper mail, not email. They hate email. They hate online banking.

I made mistakes in business. But so did they – and I could have saved them money – but they want me not to make a living “off” of them. Pop said that. Wants me to go out and make money on my own. Thanks for pushing me out the door at 52. Over all the years, they have supported me. They have helped and paid and laid it all out for me and Brother. But we failed. We lost the original business, we are living off of the building we purchased – from them, with mortgages that allow us a little income, but we all need more.

So, I am soooo out of here in  mind and almost body.



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